Our Story

The Carolina Moon Theater Group brings together a team of volunteers, performers and community members dedicated to collecting and preserving the stories of the town of Hertford and Perquimans County and bringing the performing arts to our community.

Over three years ago, we had a dream. We came together to pursue a common goal – to preserve the stories of Hertford by collecting oral histories for a folk-life play. Our first play, performed in October 2013, was based on the memories of the people of the town and county. The road was not an easy one. But we quickly recognized that anything worthwhile faces challenges and leads down adventurous paths. One of the benefits of this production was working with the amazing cross-section of our community. People shared their stories and remembrances, not only willingly, but enthusiastically! We, quite frankly, were overwhelmed by the passion of everyone we talked to. Our first play, written by Ray Sawyer and directed by Mary Cherry, was “A Time to Remember.” The play was set in the 1940’s and focused on Hertford before, during and after the war years and the many changes that took place. The result was three sold-out performances for a total of 375 people. Wow, to say we were pleased is a big understatement!

One play simply could not tell all the stories we gathered, so in October 2014, we had our next production. Entitled “Times are Changing in Hertford.” This play focused on the time period 1946 through 1957 and was written by Ray Sawyer. We quickly sold out the five performances scheduled and, unfortunately, again had to turn away people who wanted to attend. A total of 430 people attended the performances!

So, ever evolving, we now offer a variety of performances! This not only includes our semi-annual plays in October and May of each year but also two musical performances by local well-known bands and artists. Little Dickie and the Misfits will be performing on July 21st at 7 p.m. Come, bring your favorite beverage and snacks and enjoy this great local group. On October 12th, 13th, and 14th we will be presenting “The Ratcatcher’s Daughter” – a western melodrama with lots of laughs. Why not come and audition or volunteer for a behind-the-scene job?? No experience is necessary! As if that is not enough to put on your calendars the Albemarle Community Orchestra will be performing on December 16, 2018. Put these dates on your calendar and thank you for your continued support of the Carolina Moon Theater.

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